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Termite Management

Why do I get termites? It’s mainly about the heat combining with moisture. Termites generally like that climate, and Sydney definitely ticks that box. Termites are susceptible to dying from drought, therefore crave the moisture. This means the warmer spots in Australia are termite havens, and it’s something property owners need to anticipate and be prepared to handle.

It's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to termites.

Give us a call today and we will help you in every way possible. 

At EVO Pest Control, we don’t just treat Termites in and around your home or premises – we manage the entire pest elimination and control process by:
  • Determining the cause of the problem – using our knowledge of Termite habits/lifecycle combined with the best technology available, we don’t just treat the Termite infestation, we get to the source of the problem by inspecting your premises to find the nest or nests and determining the most effective and complete method of elimination.
  • Treating existing pests – we eliminate any present Termite infestation in a safe, timely and minimally invasive way.
  • Removing any biological or pathological contaminants – we don’t just eliminate the Termites, we also ensure that any contaminants they leave behind, such as droppings and dead insects, are safely and thoroughly removed from your home.
  • Actively preventing re-infestation – we work with you to reduce or eliminate the chances of termite re-infestation, by using a combination of practical measures (like identifying hazards such as blocked weep holes and on-ground timber) and an ongoing maintenance program tailored to your individual needs.
Termite Management & Control Services Available Sydney Wide
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